Track Of The Day: Aphty Khéa & a.Blubox – ‘Pengvibe 2.0’

A hypnotic remix of her original 2020 single, Aphty Khéa has teamed up with London-based, Italian-German duo a.Blubox on her latest single ‘Pengvibe 2.0’. Released via Slow Dance Records and featured on their annual compilation EP which is due on 26th January, the track is a cinematic re-working of Khéa’s original glitchy, intoxicating beats.

Currently based in Kreuzberg in Berlin, Aphty Khéa is a half Greek, half British artist who combines sonic and visual elements to create her stimulating, exciting electronic music. “‘Pengvibe2.0’ is the socially distant, post-party, pre-comedown twin of ‘Pengvibe’,” explains Khéa about the new remix. “In times where it’s impossible to chill on a stained sofa in the downtempo room whilst listening to strangers tell you stories you won’t remember, you have no choice but to construct an intimate, homely alternative.”

“Moving from the living room to the kitchen and hoping ‘Chatroulette’ will connect you with another dance-deprived person somewhere on the inter-web is the placebo a lot of us are currently settling for. As time passes by in the digital COVID age, and you slowly start to feel like you might just be living in the Matrix, everything creatively collaborative is inevitably achieved through zeros and ones. And through zeros and ones, between Berlin and London, is how this sonic re-imagination was conceived.”

Khéa’s new single is accompanied by a self-directed video, which offers a “much needed eye-break” around the roads of Khéa’s childhood hometown in Greece. Combining her cinematic visuals with her energetic sounds, ‘Pengvibe 2.0’ is an essential slice of escapism during these uncertain times.

Watch the video below.

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Kate Crudgington

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