Track Of The Day: Middle Kids – ‘Questions’

With warm anthem-like familiarity and an intimate, interpersonal perspective, Sydney based Middle Kids bring us a soothing sentiment in their stellar new single, ‘Questions’. 

Released via Lucky Number, ‘Questions’ comes as an exhilarating answer indicating the phenomenal sounds to come from Middle Kids’ anticipated 2021 album. As rhythmic claps fade, vocalist Hannah Joy’s lyrics ooze a welcome sense of nostalgia. Floating among Joy’s personal revelations surrounding alcohol and our closest relationships, the track serves as a delicate illustration of the tiny moments that weigh beyond their size. Synths spread like elastic and make a hearty bed for Middle Kids to jump on with catchy pop guitar hooks and eager drums, whilst simple instrumental melodies delivered with an orchestral grandeur exude an emotive impact that is both subtle and enormous. 

‘Questions’ is a melancholic soundscape that embraces the cleanliness of modern pop, yet tonally bears the heaviness of experience. In regard to the band’s work, Joy confides: “I want to make music that loves its listener. Music that makes people feel seen…” With the honesty and tenderness found in this new single, it appears she has done just that. Middle Kids’ ‘Questions’ is a safe-space of confession and the euphoria that follows, an experience in itself.

Today We’re The Greatest, the upcoming new album from Middle Kids, is set for release 19th March via Lucky Number. Pre-save here.

Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Daphne Nguyen

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