Track Of The Day: Scrounge – ‘Leaking Drains’

Having continued to impress us over the last few years with both their breathtaking live energy and the unique, genre-bending sound of their recordings, South London duo Lucy and Luke – aka Scrounge – follow 2019’s EP Ideal with a brand new offering. Having received acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Steve LaMacq, we’re excited to hear where they take our ears next.

A stark soundscape reflecting on the state of society at the moment, ‘Leaking Drains’ is propelled by Lucy’s raw, snarling vocals and slashing guitar alongside Luke’s immense, thrashing beats. With a frenzied energy, it builds to a colossal cacophony before coming to a disconcerting, abrupt end – only adding to the stirring tension that has built up throughout. Oozing a ferocious power, the duo have created something that is striking both in its jarring potency and rage-driven force; a cathartic slice of poignant punk-poetry for the anxiety-laden times we find ourselves in.

Of the inspiration behind ‘Leaking Drain’, the band explain:

“This track is designed to be short and sharp, both lyrically and instrumentally… Living standards and life expectancy have dramatically dropped for the majority of ordinary people in the UK over the last generation or so, and it often feels like we’re at once completely weightless and under extreme pressure – a little like being deep underwater… The demonization and punching-down that constitutes most of the mainstream discourse around debt, housing, poverty and precarity in this country only compounds the issue. The anger and absurdity of a track like ‘Leaking Drains’ is driven by this stuff.


‘Leaking Drains’ is out now via Fierce Panda Records – buy it on bandcamp now. And Scrounge have just announced that they will be playing the SXSW Online Showcase next month – an incredibly well-deserved feat!

Mari Lane

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