Track Of The Day: Debby Friday – ‘Runnin’

Intoxicating rap verses and trippy beats blend together to form an eccentric anthem about self-expression on ‘Runnin’, the latest single from Nigerian-born, Vancouver-based audio-visual artist Debby Friday. Full of commanding rhythms and jagged synths, the track marks a new musical direction for Friday, moving away from her abrasive earlier work into more sultry, effervescent territory.

“This new record is about pure expression. I don’t feel like I need to exorcise anything from myself anymore,” Friday explains. “I wanted to to push myself in different directions and see what would happen and I think I accomplished what I set out to do. ‘Runnin’ is a cheeky song that has Debby Friday themes present, but now I’m having so much more fun.” Dripping with unfazed confidence and snaking rhythms, Friday’s synth-rap tune smoulders with autonomous vibes.

The track is accompanied by a colourful new video, co-directed by Friday and Ryan Ermacora. Inspired by the tinting techniques in early cinema and filmed near Hope in British Columbia, the kaleidoscopic visuals show Friday strutting towards the camera, her image splitting and blurring before the lens as her movements effortlessly match her lyrical flow.

Watch the video for ‘Runnin’ below.

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Photo credit: Laura Baldwinson

Kate Crudgington

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