Track Of The Day: Foxgluvv – ‘1:00am’

A playful, funky disco-pop tune designed to be the soundtrack to your late night solo bedroom karaoke session, self proclaimed “dyke pop princess” Foxgluvv has shared her latest single ‘1:00am’. Full of lush vocals, shimmering electronics and dancing beats, the track marks the beginning of the popstar’s new musical direction, but still fizzes with her trademark sultry charm.

After taking a break from music and releasing a fun cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich‘ in November last year, Foxgluvv has channelled her love of 70s disco and camp extravagance into her latest musical offering. Working alongside her long time collaborator Scott Colcombe, on new single ‘1:00am’ Foxgluvv explores the melancholy thoughts that run through her mind in the small hours during a restless night. Colcombe’s polished production gives her anxious notions a confident sheen, as her dreamy vocals float above dancing rhythms and retro-pop synths.

Foxgluvv has also shared a self-directed music video to accompany the single, which she explains is a “classic ode to the history of disco aesthetics mixed in with contemporary pop set-ups,” influenced by her love of LGBTQ+ music scenes.

Watch the video for ‘1:00am’ below.

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Photo Credit: Abby Robson

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