Track Of The Day: Foxgluvv – ‘Lemon!’

A playful, feel-good tune designed to dissolve any lingering emotional bitterness, Sapphic pop princess Foxgluvv has shared her latest single ‘Lemon!’. Following on from her previous release ‘1:00am’, this new track is a zesty take on how the songwriter transformed her feelings of disconnection and frustration into fresh optimistic vibes.

“You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, you write a twisted funk-pop song all about your emotional struggles,” Foxgluvv explains. Working alongside her long-term collaborator Scott Colcombe, the pair capture Foxgluvv’s mood fluctuations on ‘Lemon!’ via soft vocals, fizzing synths and funky beats. Colcombe’s polished production gives Foxgluvv’s sour thoughts a new refreshing sheen, as her negativity drifts away and makes space for sweeter musings.

Inspired by her love of disco, Foxgluvv’s refreshing new sound on her recent singles is as charming, playful and lush as ever. The self proclaimed “dyke pop princess” is lifting spirits and lifting a sweet glass of lemonade to all those who need a little boost right now.

Listen to ‘Lemon!’ below.


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Photo Credit: Michael Harte

Kate Crudgington

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