Track Of The Day: all cats are beautiful – ‘(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me’

‘(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me’ is the first single from all cats are beautiful’s (ACAB) forthcoming EP. Recorded while best friends Kyle and Elena were locked down in separate countries due to the pandemic, it’s a lo-fi, electro-pop lullaby that’s full of love and longing.

The song has an otherworldy beauty, marrying raw, heartfelt lyrics with woozy beats and beeps to create something really special. As Kyle sings, “All I know for sure is my way back to you”, it feels so intimate and personal. But their vocal is buoyed by layers of beautiful harmonies and instrumentation, giving the track an atmospheric splendour.

As the pair alternate vocals, their chemistry fizzes and evokes the magic of Coco Rosie and to a lesser (and perhaps more obvious) degree, The XX. The bittersweet lyrics and emotive delivery will stay with you long after the song ends, and, before you know it, you’ll be full of gin and crying on the phone to your much-missed friends, telling them how much you love them.

(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me’ is taken from all cats are beautiful’s debut EP, the things we made, set for release on 6th August via Moshi Moshi.

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Aaron Price

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