Premiere: Cozy Slippers – ‘When Will When Come?’

Having started when Barbara Barrilleaux and Sarah Engel met at ‘Ladies Rock Camp’, a weekend event that brings women together to learn to play instruments and form bands, Seattle based Cozy Slippers have since recruited guitarist Steven Skelton, and charmed us live at The Finsbury when they came all the way across the pond to play for us back in 2019. Now, following singles such as ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ and ‘A Million Pieces’, they’ve shared a luscious new offering.

The first release to come from a year’s worth of home recordings from the band, ‘When Will When Come?’ is a plea to live life to its fullest, embracing all of its messy possibilities. Propelled by a scuzzy, sunny energy and effervescent musicality, it flows with jangly melodies alongside Sarah’s sweeping, smooth vocals that ooze a gentle heartwarming emotion. With shades of The Cranberries, or even GIHE faves Chorusgirl, ‘When Will When Come?’ builds with twinkling hooks and sparkling harmonies to a truly uplifting slice of shimmering indie-pop. I mean, how could a song about pink flamingos do anything but make you smile…?!


Mixed by Dylan Wall (Great Grandpa, High Sunn), ‘When Will When Come?’ is out tomorrow 30th April.

Mari Lane

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