Track Of The Day: Hussy – ‘I Tried’

A swirling guitar tune about self-assertion and facing adversity head on, Sophie Nicole Ellison aka Hussy has shared her latest single ‘I Tried’. Describing her style as “DIY with high ambitions,” the South London-based songwriter & producer performed drums, guitars, synth and bass entirely by herself on this track, which is lifted from her debut EP due later this year.

“I feel like people will instantly think this is a love song but it’s actually not,” Ellison explains about the single. “This song is more me standing up for myself and who I am and maintaining that through adversity. I wrote this pretty instantaneously in the moment, so it definitely has a dramatic ‘take it or leave it’ sentiment whilst landing on an acceptance over it.”

With her talent as a multi-instrumentalist and knowledge as a producer and professional sound engineer, Ellison has an incredibly self-sufficient approach to creating music under her Hussy moniker, which she adopted from a T-shirt slogan. On ‘I Tried’, her guitar sounds are polished, her vocal delivery is charming and the effortless way that she blends these two elements reflects the skill, confidence and resilience it must have took to self-record & produce her upcoming EP.

Listen to ‘I Tried’ below.


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Photo credit: Pooneh Ghana

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