Track Of The Day: Fräulein – ‘Pretty People’

Originally hailing from Northern Ireland and the Netherlands respectively, London-based duo Joni Samuels and Karsten van der Tol – aka Fräulein – have been winning us over since we first became pretty obsessed with last year’s single ‘Drag Behind’, and then continued to be totally hooked on its follow up, ‘Mary’. So, we were excited to hear that they have now shared an equally impressive new offering.

Reflecting on the shallow world of fashion, ‘Pretty People’ is inspired by a party that Joni attended at which it was highlighted that if you didn’t fit the right look, clothes or clock in the right number of followers online, you’d be dismissed. Propelled by sparse beats and stripped back hooks, the track builds with a captivating dark energy as Joni’s sweeping vocals create a majestic, grunge-infused atmosphere.

Oozing that trademark whirring, lo-fi twang that we’ve come to know and love from previous singles, ‘Pretty People’ showcases the duo developing and honing their sound with a more polished finish. With an anthemic scuzz, Joni’s vocals flow with a visceral passion, exuding a bewitching, gritty splendour.

Of the track, the duo sum-up: “The song is about refusing to be small, even if the people around you are telling you to be.

And so my obsession with Fräulein’s sound continues. I cannot recommend these two strongly enough; I really think they have something wonderfully nostalgic, yet ultimately unique, to offer. And, as soon as it is safe to do so, I cannot wait for them to blow us away live at one of our gig nights!

Shot by Emma Swann and edited by Luke Macpherson, and filmed entirely on Mini DV tape, watch the new video for ‘Pretty People’ now:

Mastered by Noel Summerville (The White Stripes, My Bloody Valentine), ‘Pretty People‘ is out now via Practise Music. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets, you can catch Fräulein live at The Windmill, supporting Butch Kassidy, on 26th May.

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