Track Of The Day: Body Breaks – ‘Eyes To Brightness’

A jagged, hazy art-punk tune that meanders through the restless thoughts we have when we’re attempting to sleep, Canadian duo Body Breaks have shared their latest single ‘Eyes To Brightness’. Taken from their upcoming album Bad Trouble (We Are Time), which is set for release on 18th June, the track chronicles band member Julie Reich’s lifelong struggle with insomnia.

Formed of Reich and Matt LeGroulx, Body Breaks create sounds inspired by the likes of Pavement, Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth. Fuelled by a strong DIY & experimental ethos, LeGroulx played with quarter tone guitar scales to form his distinctive riffs on their debut album, whilst Reich mined her own personal experiences to form the lyrics. New single ‘Eyes To Brightness’ is a cohesive culmination of these efforts, with it’s striking vocals and off-kilter guitar twangs.

“I’ve always hated sleep ever since I was a little. It means the day is over, and I’ve never wanted that to happen,” Reich explains about the context of the track. “This was the first song I recorded vocals for on the album. It’s different from all of the others in terms of the recording process and how I approached it. After this I decided on an identity for the person writing these songs, even though it’s all me. The video is a 3D animation that I made mainly using SketchUp. I like to create worlds, so this was a fun exploration.”

Watch the video for ‘Eyes To Brightness’ below.

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Photo Credit: Natalie Logan

Kate Crudgington

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