WATCH: Zoee – ‘Host’

From her upcoming debut album Flaw Flower, Zoee has gifted us with her second single ‘Host’ – a mix of retro-wave synths and ethereal vocals set to a film noir music video that tips its hat to The Twilight Zone. 

The opening shot of ‘Host’ centres on a hand mirror surrounded by swirling smoke, a perfect accompaniment to the winding, high pitched synths that open the track. Smoke and mirrors recur as motifs throughout the video as Zoee’s spoken word verses describe the lies and half truths that keep a jilted lover trapped in the memory of a broken relationship. Zoee takes on the role of femme fatale, wandering through a confusion of woods as if disconnected from reality in a state of suspended animation. 

Both the track and the music video are highly stylised, standing in stark contrast to the plainly stated candour of the lyrics. Zoee’s spoken word verses contain lyrical gems like “You said that ‘I need to be alone babe’, so why is it you’re not on your own babe?”. Her delivery in a canny and circumspect London accent suggests that this jilted lover grasps the truth of the relationship’s demise, but is unwilling to let it go. As the track draws to a close, the synths and smoke slowly fade, making way for a deliciously earthy solo on grand piano accompanied by a pattern of bright lights reflected in the mirrored surface. The effect is hopeful, implying that this otherworldly state of disconnect for our femme fatale may yet come to a close.

‘Host’ is an incredible showcase of Zoee’s artistic prowess as she delves into the personal. The video is a visual feast (a particular must watch for eyebrow and fashion enthusiasts), perfectly complementing the diaphanous, airy grace of Zoee’s music.

Host‘ is taken from Zoee’s debut album Flaw Flower, set for release on 25th June via Illegal Data.

Kate Sullivan

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