Track Of The Day: Aiko – ‘Daughter Of The Sun’

A magnificent storm fills the sky in AIKO’s swirling track ‘Daughter of The Sun‘. With a myriad of sounds too grand to contain, the London-based artist stretches her dark pop anthem beyond a “pop” script, creating an all-encompassing soundscape that is equally as heavy as it is liberating.

Borrowing cinematic elements of electronic music and art-pop, ‘Daughter of the Sun’ allows individual moments to be themselves, sinking low when needed, and soaring up in celebration during others. The dynamics are reminiscent of the Loud-Quiet-Loud songwriting approach made popular in the nineties by bands like Pixies and Nirvana, but in a way that is sonically unique to AIKO and is grounded in the fluctuation of dense synth sounds.

Paired with an emotive arrangement, AIKO’s lyrics revolving around the saturation of love makes for a warm experience. Throughout the track, she shares earnest confessions delicately illustrating vivid moments of profound infatuation. She is “completely submerged into” the sun with what feels like no control, but does not forget her awareness as she paces herself throughout this process: “Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, and let things happen”.

The percussion throughout ‘Daughter of the Sun’ relentlessly strikes until the track’s finale, where AIKO’s voice and its surrounding instruments come to a cathartic climax that feels like a sunbath. A truly captivating offering that beams emotion down from the sky, gently caressing your face with its twinkling splendour.

Jillian Goyeau

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