Track Of The Day: Joon – ‘Orqod’

Having survived a life-changing car accident, Maltese musician and producer Joon decided that making music was a necessary part of recovery. Now, over ten years later, she has announced her debut album, which is set for release next week.

Taken from the album, latest single ‘Orqod‘ is her first and only song written in Maltese, and is a heartfelt ode to letting go; telling the tale of star-crossed lovers who come together in their dreams. With a captivating energy, it oozes a shimmering, majestic splendour as lilting uplifting melodies flow alongside the celestial grace of Joon’s twinkling vocals. With the title meaning ‘sleep’, it’s a perfectly soothing lullaby glistening with an immersive, euphoric grandeur. A truly exquisite and instantly spellbinding soundscape.

On her upcoming album, Joon comments: “There are always running themes of love, hope, and positivity in my songs… Even if I’m sad or heartbroken, I remain optimistic. I want to grow old with no regrets.”

Dream Again, the upcoming debut album from Joon, is set for release 9th July via Italians Do It Better.

Mari Lane

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