LISTEN: Hushtones – ‘Sinking’

If you’re searching for a tune to complete your summer playlist, look no further. This slice of pure sunshine from Liverpool psych-rockers Hushtones layers golden vocals with lush keys and a gentle hit of guitar fuzz, peaking with an irresistibly catchy chorus perfectly designed for a beach road-trip. 

Taken from their upcoming debut album Greetings From The Other Side, ‘Sinking’ introduces itself with a bouncing drumbeat and gorgeous, euphoric harmonies, before launching head-first into a sky-scraping chorus and a frolicking guitar solo. Further amping up the sunshine is the ’60s/’70s rock tinge that weaves its way throughout, grounding the glossy melodies in a crunchy bass and retro synths.

Of their writing process, the band explain: “We were really lucky ‘cos we were able to write, create and build this album during the bizarre months of 2020… We have poured our hearts and souls into this body of work from start to finish. There have been actual tears! But we’re really proud of it and so excited for people to finally hear it.” 

Greetings From The Other Side, the upcoming debut album from Hushtones, is set for release 6th August.

Leonie Bellini

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