Track Of The Day: Taylor Blackwell – ‘B.S. poetry’

Having previously captured our attention as part of LA based the tenth (a band she co-founded with actor Harley Quinn Smith), singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Blackwell has now announced her debut solo album – In Memory of Haroldine –, set for release in September.

The first taster of the upcoming album, new single ‘B.S. Poetry’ is inspired by a guy who wrote “shitty poems” about Blackwell. Propelled by lilting folk-strewn melodies and a quirky energy, it juxtaposes an uptempo shimmering musicality with an angsty lyrical reflection on the broken promises of early romance. Oozing twinkling accordion refrains alongside Blackwell’s honeyed vocals, it offers a playful, tongue-in-cheek commentary on patronising, full-of-BS men and the lies they spin to get what they want; a subtly empowering ‘FU’ to them and their meaningless words. A perfectly catchy, saccharine sweet sonic delight interwoven with the gritty, bitter angst of heartbreak.

‘B.S. Poetry’ is accompanied by an entertaining new video, depicting the story behind the song. Directed by Blackwell and Chase Cope, it also stars actors Dempsey Bryk, Bebe Wood, Nolan Gould, Brady Reiter and August Aiden Black. Watch it now:

In Memory of Haroldine, the upcoming debut solo album from Taylor Blackwell, is set for release in September, and is produced by Sharp/Shock’s Davey Warsop.

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