LISTEN: Teah Lewis – ‘Magnolia’

Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Teah Lewis has released ‘Magnolia‘ – a stunning new single, which blooms as beautifully as the flower it is named after. A perfect addition to your summer playlists, the music is bright and sensuous, blending modern folk styles with hints of electronica. 

Depicting the walk home on the morning after a night out, ‘Magnolia’ combines both the fresh brightness of spring and the hazy warmth of summer as Teah’s vocals flow with a soulful ease. Her music always feels effortlessly graceful and manages to capture something incredibly honest, and this track is no different. Led by her gorgeous vocal melodies and lilting guitar, ‘Magnolia’ builds steadily guiding you with ease along a musical journey. The understated bass and restrained percussion work to guide the journey. Before you know it, you realise you’ve been lifted into some otherworldly place. It’s utter bliss as the banjo, guitar, and harp weave around you, vocal and trumpets shine, hints of synthesisers and synth strings add a sprinkling of electronic ambiance, creating a magical atmosphere. It’s a truly ethereal experience.

The track comes together with the collaboration of Sheffield musicians, each bringing their own flair to the track: folk power-duo Kate Griffin (Mishra) and Manon McCoy (Shivelights) provide luscious banjo and harp accompaniment that flourishes in the spaces between the vocals, and Teah’s long-term collaborator, the composer Emily Compton, plays poignant trumpet melodies which add to the euphoria of the tracks’ crescendo. In addition to these musicians, Philippe Clegg (Oh Papa) plays bass, Josh Knight (I Set the Sea on Fire) appears on drums, and Ben Allen (Life Aquatic Band) features on the synthesizer and slide guitar. 

You can hear shades of legendary artists such as Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling in how ‘Magnolia’ is driven by infectious melodies and reflective lyrics, as well as harmonies as mellifluous as The Staves. If you are in need of a warm hug, ‘Magnolia’ will be able to provide the musical equivalent. It’s a beautifully crafted song that is sure to lift your mood.

Jaz Kelly

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