WATCH: She Drew The Gun – ‘Class War (How Much)’

Liverpool’s She Drew The Gun continue to storm out the blocks with the announcement of their upcoming new album Behave Myself, set for release in September. And now they have treated us to a poetic middle finger to the Tory government, seething with corruption, on the second single to be taken from the album – ‘Class War (How Much)’. 

The track gets rolling with a catchy bassline before the languid rhetorical refrain of “how much did you get paid for that?” kicks in – questioning the ethics of high-level nepotism in military contracts and PPE deals. Shiny synths cut through perfectly, pairing well with the accompanying animated ’80s arcade music video and humorously contrasting ‘Class War’s morose subject matter. She Drew The Gun’s singular half-spoken half-sung vocals are centre stage here alongside some playful electric guitar licks, boosting the witty wordplay of lyrics like “I’m a weapon of mass distraction”.

The Merseyside-based musician explains of the track:

It’s about how much we let corruption go in plain sight and accept a politician’s answer when these people are at the front of a ruthless class war being waged against those of us who live on the wrong side of Capital.” 

‘Class War (How Much)’ joins the excellent ‘Cut Me Down’ as fiery, politically-minded tasters of She Drew The Gun’s increasingly exciting upcoming album – Behave Myself – set for release on 24th September via Submarine Cat Records. Pre-order here.

Leonie Bellini

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