Track Of The Day: Salad – ‘Things In Heaven’

Having previously wowed us with the sparkling energy of their live set playing for us at The Finsbury back in late 2019 following the release of their most recent album The Salad Way, reformed ’90s legends Salad have now returned to our ears. As expected, the band have had to cancel many plans over the last couple of years, postponing tour dates and taking a pandemic-enforced hiatus; with changes to line-up, the band now spread across the country and personal bereavements and struggles taking hold, a bit of ‘Salad Mojo’ was lost. However, now – after an 18 month band hibernation – gigs have been rescheduled, and the band felt it was time to record something epic; a song worthy of this much-welcome come back. And so Salad returned to a song they’d started rehearsing at the end of 2019 – the poignant ‘Things In Heaven’.

Described by the band as “a somewhat derailed singer hauntingly persuading her loved one that there is beauty in this broken world“, ‘Things In Heaven’ offers an eerily majestic atmosphere. As the soaring, bewitching vocals of front woman Marjine van der Vlugt’s vocals flow, a sweeping, cinematic splendour shimmers alongside a whirring, ethereal soundscape. As its scuzzy effervescent hooks are propelled by an immense dramatic energy, it’s impossible not to become utterly immersed in its hauntingly captivating, celestial allure. ‘Things In Heaven’ will cast a spell over you; taking hold with its exquisite, other-worldly grace.

Of the meaning behind the track, songwriter Paul Kennedy explains more:

Tom and Felicity live in Santa Maria, California. They’ve got a great relationship but Tom is prone to depression. One day, when they had planned to deal with various problems in their life, it was too much for Tom so they decided: hang that – let’s get in the car, get down to the beach, and go surfing. By the majesty of the open sea, Felicity opens Tom’s eyes to the wonders of the natural world.

‘Things In Heaven’ is accompanied by a video, filmed and directed by friend of the band Nic Tuft. Depicting Marjine as a naked, tenacious mermaid emerging from the sea whilst battling crashing waves, it conveys the song’s theme of “the beauty that you can see in brokenness” perfectly.

‘Things In Heaven’ is out now via Three Bean Records. Download from the band’s website now. And you can catch Salad live on their upcoming tour:

10th September – Arts Centre, Colchester (supported by Piney Gir)
19th September – Bodega, Nottingham
26th September – Twickenham Festival
12th October – Komedia, Brighton (supported by Piney Gir)
24th October – The Lexington, London (supported by Piney Gir)

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee Photography / @keiraanee

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