Track Of The Day: Aislinn Logan – ‘Contender’

A deceptively sweet electro-pop gem that gently grapples with the idea of changing destructive behaviours, Belfast-born, London-based artist Aislinn Logan has shared her latest single ‘Contender’. Lifted from her new EP which is set for release on 11th November, the track is a shimmering, synth-soaked ode to anyone who’s struggling to make a positive change in their lives.

Co-produced with Johnny Oakley and Brian Kelly, the sounds on ‘Contender’ are influenced by Aislinn’s love of 80s synth-rock icons New Order and her lyrics are informed by her own experience of trying to help someone change their problematic behaviour. “Sway away from pain with your game face on” she urges with her lush vocals, floating over buoyant melodies. Her infectious synths and compassionate lyrics combine to make ‘Contender’ an empowering and enjoyable slice of electro-pop.

“’Contender’ sprang from some fairly dark subject matter but ended up sounding quite sunny,” Aislinn explains. “It was a little while into writing that I realised that was deliberate. I wanted it to offer a moment of relief to the listener. It’s the wanting to pick someone you care about up, relating to them but feeling quite helpless to do anything useful too. It’s daring someone to back themselves – their actual self, and stop running.”

Listen to ‘Contender’ below.


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