Track Of The Day: Bad Idea – ‘Crash’

A hazy, melodic musing on the familiar feeling of burning out, Leeds-based band Bad Idea have shared their latest single ‘Crash’. Released via Leeds label Come Play With Me, the track meshes the band’s shoegaze and dream pop sensibilities with relatable lyrics to create a swirling distraction from the overwhelming desire to crash out of your many commitments.

Formed in 2016 on a drunken night out dancing to Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’, Bad Idea’s Sarah Sefton and Daniel Johnson chose the band’s name after entering into a new creative project and a new romantic relationship together simultaneously. They put aside their concerns about how this might affect their musical dynamics and enlisted the help of new bandmates Charlie Peacock and Liam Lambert in 2019 to flesh out their sounds. On new single ‘Crash’, the band embrace the idea of “putting yourself in front of a slow moving car, or acquiring a minor injury of some sort to get out of your commitments, because you’re too tired and want to go home” with atmospheric flair.

“It’s a sad song about exhaustion and anxiety, but also camaraderie,” vocalist Sarah explains further. “It describes an anxiety that I share with most of my colleagues and friends..the song mirrors this feeling in the music with slow, drifting and overlapping vocals and sudden hard choruses.”

Listen to ‘Crash’ below.


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