Track Of The Day: Kinney – ‘Unravel’

An ethereal escape is immediately abound in ‘Unravel’, the latest release from LA based indie-electronic artist Kinney. Following on from her 2020 EP So Glad You Exist, the track depicts one piece in the spiralling puzzle of Kinney’s deja vu centered vision.

With elements of minimal acoustic guitar, euphoric vocal layers to dynamic production components, Kinney’s artistry is difficult to pinpoint. ‘Unravel’ is a song without isolation, following no script but emotion. The track begins with solitude – nothing but Kinney’s echoing, choral vocals and a modest guitar track. But during this time, it slowly begins to simmer with electro-tinged hooks, basking in its own lustral reflections while expanding gradually. Lyrically exploring vulnerable moments and the anxieties of massive shifts in our lives, Kinney is experiencing her fears just before she leaps.

On the cusp of diving into a new way of being, ‘Unravel’ is a satisfying anthem for rebirth that captures sonic metamorphosis reminiscent of Bon Iver and FKA Twigs. It is evident that Kinney’s artistic voice knows no bounds of genre nor wisdom. Kinney’s ‘Unravel’ pushes for risk taking with hands of sweeping sonic fluidity. A truly majestic soundscape.

Watch the stirring video for ‘Unravel’ now, which was created with Kinney along with a crew of friends, including Valentina Ayeyu as director, Ben Goodman as DP and Brooke Burgstahler as producer.

‘Unravel’ is out now via Bad Owl, an indie label and creative house focused on promoting female vocalists.

Jill Goyeau

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