LISTEN: Floor 4 – ‘Tooth Infection’

A heavy, thundering rejection of dismissive and unfair comments made by a former manager, Manchester-based non-binary punks Floor 4 have shared their latest single ‘Tooth Infection’. Fueled by feelings of rage and distrust, the track is a cathartic middle finger in the face of anyone who thinks they can get away with humiliating someone in their day-to-day environment.

Inspired by the likes of Periphery, Slaughter to Prevail, Pretty Vicious and Bikini Kill, Floor 4 work together to create energetic, punk-infused anthems that smash down the patriarchal structures they feel restricted by. Through crashing percussion, defiant vocals and raging guitar riffs, the trio vent their frustrations about everyday discrimination with palpable fury. Full of righteous attitude and anarchic energy, their latest single ‘Tooth Infection’ is a defiant anthem that urges listeners to shout back at those who attempt to belittle or intimidate them.

“The track is inspired by one of our managers at an old, pretentious hospitality job,” the band explain about their new single. “We wanted to capture the hate that everyone at our work had for him and his shitty attitude, but also make the song applicable to any situation where someone has had inappropriate comments made towards them. Both metaphorical and bluntly in your face, the song addresses an issue that people face on a daily basis by returning the favour of a cross examination to the ones that need to hear it the most. ‘Tooth Infection’ has had a place in our hearts since the second we wrote it, we hope you feel the same way.”

Listen to ‘Tooth Infection’ below.


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