Track Of The Day: Piney Gir – ‘Alchemy Hand’

The iconic Piney Gir proves why she’s been dubbed “the indie Dolly Parton” with her latest single, ‘Alchemy Hand’. It’s a retro slice of psychedelic garage rock, which showcases Piney’s supernatural talent as a singer and songwriter. 

Opening with a woozy, nostalgic organ-style whirr, the song builds to a brilliantly proggy chorus which gives it a spooky 1960s feel. Think Aleister Crowley and Marianne Faithfull messing with an Ouija Board! When you add Piney’s distinctive, bluesy vocal into the mix, it’s nothing short of perfection. 

Piney’s confident, beautifully crafted lyrics explore spirituality which further adds to the song’s dreamy, mystical energy. And when she sings “I put a spell on you,” you believe her. It’s instantly bewitching. With ‘Alchemy Hand’, Piney Gir shows she can truly make magic. 

‘Alchemy Hand’ is out now Reckless Yes and an EP of the same name is due in June.

Vic Conway

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