Track Of The Day: VISCERENE – ‘Zeros and Ones’

An ominous reflection on the way that technology influences our behaviour, industrial/electronic duo VISCERENE have shared their debut single ‘Zeros and Ones’. With a sound reminiscent of Pretty Hate Machine-era Nine Inch Nails, the track is a brooding cacophony of chaotic synth textures and glitchy beats, exploring what happens to our thought processes when we spend too much time online.

Formed of Charlie Beddoes and John Briginshaw, VISCERENE is the sound of two experienced musicians navigating new sonic territory on their own terms. Briginshaw is a session drummer, who wanted to create music instead of just playing songs by other people. Beddoes is a bassist and vocalist who has played in many bands, including Rub Ultra, No Santa, and most recently fronted Rock In Your Pocket and Nasty Little Lonely. Now, the pair have combined their many talents to create visceral electronic noise under their new moniker.

“‘Zeros and Ones’ is about technological determinism,” Beddoes explains about their debut offering. “The lyrics refer to how human behaviour changes because of technology, and not always for the better!” The duo explore this element of the human psyche through Beddoes’ cutting lyrics and Briginshaw’s ordered yet erratic percussion.

As well as forming this new project, Beddoes has recently released her memoir, Overdriven, which is described as “the true story of a girl with a dirty bass sound and more ambition than sense”. Her book is full of fascinating anecdotes about the 80s and 90s rock scenes, as well as her own experiences of being a women in rock and alternative music spheres. You can buy a copy here.

Listen to ‘Zeros and Ones’ below.

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