New Track: t l k – ‘Serenia’

A beautiful, soothing electronic lamentation about the nature of childhood grief and memory, Bristol-based artist t l k has shared their latest single ‘Serenia’. Brimming with emotive vocals, tender lyrics and blissful synths, the track is a poignant exploration of the timeless power of maternal love.

“Deep in a palace of the mind / held by the mother for the last time” muses t l k in the opening line of the track, inviting listeners into a deeply personal space via clear vocals and ambient electronics. Described as a “self-soothing metaphysical landscape”, the artist created ‘Serenia’ by manipulating an improvised vocal take and blending it with analogue synths, before adding percussive textures that were built from the spines of a cactus. The result is an emotive “sound bath” that evokes a sense of solace and serenity each time it’s listened to.

Using music to gently unfold themes of identity, self-hood, and the often incomprehensible depth of human emotion, t l k blends introspection, melancholy and euphoria within their sound, sometimes within the same track. Their debut EP, Strength In Tenderness (2022), was an evocative, rapturous collection of songs that seamlessly fused these two emotional states together, an accomplishment that meant the record made the cut for our Albums & EPs of 2022 feature last year.

t l k’s new single ‘Serenia’ is accompanied by an animated artwork created by graphics pro and visual artist Alfie Dwyer (Adult Swim, Eric Andre, Sad Night Dynamite, Thundercat and Flying Lotus). Dwyer’s work enhances the dreamlike, all encompassing warmth of t l k’s sound.

Watch the video for ‘Serenia’ below.

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Photo Credit: Giulia Spadafora

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