New Track: girl with dream – ‘HRT’ (Heart Replacement Theory)

A creator of dreamy, bittersweet “songs to make or break your heart,” Montreal-based artist Chris Lawson aka girl with dream has shared her debut single ‘HRT’ (Heart Replacement Theory). Full of hazy riffs, gentle beats and Lawson’s smooth vocals, the track is a warm reflection on the transgender songwriter’s own experiences of transitioning, as well as an anthem for others, urging them to embrace and celebrate their own identities.

Playing as a bassist in indie-rock band Dresser and many other musical outfits gave Lawson the skills and experience they needed to begin making their solo offerings. Working alongside drummer Rhys Climenhage, Lawson crafts vulnerable, yet buoyant indie-folk sounds under her girl with dream moniker, with ‘HRT’ being the first of many lullaby-esque tunes to come from the new artist.

girl with dream has developed from a private outlet for Lawson to explore her own inner thoughts, into a platform that is connecting communities and sharing the joy of queer and trans stories. Lawson’s music centers around “the sacred power found in embracing yourself and participating in an act of healing, guided by self love and harnessing agency.”

Speaking about her debut single ‘HRT (Heart Replacement Theory), Lawson explains: “This song is as much a celebration of transitioning, an anthem for those who are set free by taking that step for themselves, as it is for everyone facing the struggle to connect with others and to show them who we really are and how we really feel – even when that casts us into vulnerability.”

Listen to ‘HRT’ (Heart Replacement Theory) below.


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