NEW TRACK: Earthlung – ‘Joy¿’

A raucously relatable post punk tune that questions the mundane nature of everyday life, Brighton-based Earthlung have shared their latest single ‘Joy¿’. Full of sardonic spoken-word style vocals, cutting lyrics and distorted riffs, the band search for meaning and relief amidst the mind-numbingly ordinary tasks we undertake in order to keep living our best lives.

Formed of Ebony Grace (vocals & synth), Charles Backer (drums), Folly den Toom (guitar & production) and current bassist Alex Rushmer, Earthlung decided to experiment with their usual 80s-influenced pop sound on their new single. “Although our existing catalogue takes influence mostly from Ambient/Pop, with this track we fully embraced a Post Punk sound,” the band explain. Recorded in the Netherlands at Folly’s Low Road Studios, inspiration for ‘Joy’ sprang from moments of playful ridicule, and evolved into a sound that the band all wanted to embrace. Armed with a distorted riff and a disruptive energy, vocalist Ebony was quick to flesh out lyrics for the track.

“It was a matter of minutes before Ebony started mumbling words (whilst basically rolling on the floor),” the band continue. “She quickly grabbed a pizza box (still warm from the pizza consumed just moments earlier) and a pen, writing out most of the lyrics within minutes. In this moment we encouraged her to make it as cynical as possible. This gave such a clear direction to the track that we all instantly knew we didn’t want to over-complicate things. When we tracked it, the vocals were actually recorded through a harp mic with Ebony inverted hanging off a big leather chair.”

Earthlung channeled the track’s manic, direct energy into an accompanying video, which features vocalist Ebony prowling the streets of Brighton, trying not to choke on an insane amount of cornflakes and rum. The visuals perfectly encapsulate both the cynical and the silly sides of ‘Joy¿’.

Watch the video below.

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Kate Crudgington

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