WATCH: English Teacher – ‘Song About Love’

There is so much to adore about English Teacher’s latest offering, ‘Song About Love’. So much, in fact, that they really didn’t need to win me over by bringing characters from the legendary computer game, The Sims, into the song’s video. But I’m so glad they did! My inner nerd sighed happily as I watched pixelated people shimmy to front-person Lily Fontaine’s soaring, melodic vocal, buoyed by a pounding post-punk bassline. 

Released on the cult Speedy Wunderground label, ‘Song About Love’ explores the romance you can find in the mundane, or, in Fontaine’s words, it’s about “doing the chores instead of doing someone else”. It’s produced by Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey and feels more polished and elevated than the Leeds-based band’s earlier work. The simple, repetitive lyrics – along with the sparkling synth and production – make for a proper pop song, which you can imagine blaring out of speakers all summer long. 

‘Song About Love’ is English Teacher’s first release of 2023 and it really announces the band as ones to watch this year. With this banger under their belts, they’re ready to build on the momentum they kick-started in 2022 – following high-profile support slots and the release of their debut EP. And I can’t wait to see them rise!

Watch the fantastic, Sims-inspired, video for ‘Song About Love’ here:

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Tatiana Pozuelo

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