LISTEN: Hazel Mills – ‘Enclosure’

The first offering from her upcoming EP The Embrace, multi-instrumentalist Hazel Mills has shared her new single ‘Enclosure’. A beautiful blend of lilting synths, altruistic beats and evocative vocals, the Bristol-based artist has created a gentle hypnotising soundscape that feels more affecting each time it’s listened to.

Set for release on the 19th of May, Mills’ EP The Embrace is informed by many things. Inspired by the contrasting, yet unifying forces of the natural and the synthetic worlds, Mills experiments with elements of both to create her atmospheric offerings. Throughout the EP, sounds of whirling water, clinking metal and knocking on wood are matched with analog synth textures and urban-tinged beats to create a majestic sonic world.

“The battle of nature vs modernity is ever present, and I’m largely drawn to the tactile and the dramatic of both sides of the coin,” Mills explains about these inspirations. “Perhaps my eco-anxiety also just wants to find a way to unite them”. Working alongside producer and engineer TJ Allen (Portishead, Bat For Lashes, Hannah Peel), Mills has woven these thoughts into the narrative of the four tracks that make up her new record.

Following an ongoing long-term tenure as keyboardist and backing vocalist for Goldfrapp and Florence + The Machine – and alongside her solo efforts – Mills will be heading to Australia to perform with Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory and The Australian Chamber Orchestra in early May for a celebration of Classic synth-led film scores (including Vangelis’ Blade Runner).

Listen to ‘Enclosure’ below.

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