Five Favourites: Sorry Girls

Since forming in 2015, Montreal duo Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront – aka Sorry Girls – have received acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork whilst consistently honing and developing their distinctive sound. Now, set to release their new album in June, they continue to charm our ears with their lilting heartfelt offerings, such as recent single ‘Prettier Things’. Reflecting on being honest with yourself, it oozes a glistening splendour as Heather’s crystalline sugar-sweet vocals ripple with a stirring emotion throughout, reminiscent of the catchy alt-folk of Jenny Lewis. An instant earworm, ‘Prettier Things’ showcases Sorry Girls’ ability to create truly blissful soundscapes, luring the listener in with their immersive twinkling grace.

We think one of the best ways to get to know an artist is by asking what music inspires them. So, to celebrate the upcoming new album, we caught up with Heather from Sorry Girls to ask about the music that has inspired her the most. So, read about her five favourite ever albums, and check out the beautifully hand-crafted video for ‘Prettier Things’ below…

Arthur Russell – Love Is Overtaking Me
This album has to be an all-time favourite for me, and Arthur Russell an ever-evolving all-encompassing HUGE influence for me musically. I’ve carried this album and all of its different songs with me across many chapters of my life. I first heard Arthur Russell in 2015 or so while I was having a nap mid-recording at one of Dylan’s (of Sorry Girls) old apartments, listening to his iTunes Library on shuffle. I heard ’That’s Us / Wild Combination’ and jumped up from my nap and was so excited and thought it was so beautiful. Then, after only really listening to World of Echo and Calling out of Context, I first heard the opening track to ‘Love is Overtaking Me’ on our first tour, where we drove and camped our way across Canada. A friend of ours picked up the guitar and played ‘Close my Eyes’ as we were all nestled around the campfire, and I was in awe because I thought he had written it. I’ve always been really attracted to country music and a sort of “classic” poem-like song and I feel like this is what Arthur Russell is amazing at, especially on this album. I’ve listened to each of the songs countless times over the years since and I don’t know if there is an album I love more than this one. Every song is beautiful, unique and captivating. 

John Prine – The Tree Of Forgiveness
Somehow I missed out on John Prine for most of my life, but this album is gut-wrenching. I love that I found him on his last album because it adds a lot to the experience of it and contextualises a lot of the themes throughout the album. And I honestly think it has some of his best songs: ‘Summer’s End’ and ‘I Have Met my Love Today’ are beautiful songs with gorgeous words on mortality, love and endings sung in his gravelly ageing voice. I think a common thread in the music I love is imagination and playfulness – songwriters that can mix poetic words with a sense of magic and absurdity. I guess, music with a sense of humour. I love the eclectic mix of genres, and I love that his music has a feeling of levity mixed with a grounding sense of emotional honesty. 

Caroline Polacheck – Pang
I am a huge fan of pop, especially of the avant-garde/ art-pop variety. I feel like this album kind of encompasses all of those influences, and seems similarly influenced by artists such as Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Imogen Heap, Dido etc, whilst also being super grounded in the current pop sound. It presents a kinship to the old while innovating, which is something I really appreciate. This album deals a lot with the idea of transition and it carried me through a very transitional time in my life where I was dealing with carving identity and moving through heavy emotions, and I feel like this album is a perfect anthem for this kind of pursuit. Not to mention the amazing songwriting and out-of-this-world voice with seeming built-in theremin. I love.

The Complete Stax / Volt Soul Singles Vol. 2
It might be kind of cheating to feature a compilation BUT this one has two of my all-time favourite songs – ‘Love Changes’ by Charlene And The Soul Serenaders and ‘Just the Way You are Today’ by Barbara Lewis, which I found through this particular compilation. Soul music has been a huge inspiration for me and is the music that drew me in and captivated me the most as a child. I have so many memories of dancing to soul and Motown in my parents’ living room, and to this day it’s still the genre of music that moves me the most. 

Alex G – God Save The Animals
Since this album came out I have almost not listened to anything else. It’s full of so much sincerity, creativity and energy and has such a mix of genres and sounds that feel really honest, but also innovative and exciting. I feel really fired up when I listen to it and it has really set the bar for me recently as a standard for the musical integrity and vibrancy I am striving for. It’s so much fun!

Massive thanks to Heather from Sorry Girls for sharing her Five Favourites! Watch the video for ‘Prettier Things’ here:

Bravo!, the upcoming new album from Sorry Girls, is set for release on 2nd June via Arbutus Records.

Photo Credit: Japhy Saretsky

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