EP: The Ethical Debating Society – ‘Mutual Indecision’

Writing bubblegum pop melodies before tearing them apart with riot grrrl moxie, The Ethical Debating Society’s (TEDS) DIY punk attitude and multi-faceted lo-fi sound has been preserved on their latest six track extended play, Mutual Indecision; a collection of previously unreleased songs recorded at Sound Savers – Mark Jasper’s Hackney warehouse studio.

Produced by Jasper (Witching Waves), mastered by Dai Jones, and released by Radical Possibilities, the Mutual Indecision EP features vocalist/guitarist Tegan Christmas, vocalist/guitarist Kris Martin, and drummer Eli Tupa obliterating rough DIY indie with cathartic and justified rage! Opening with pop-punk anthem ‘Poor Liam‘, the three-piece examine the “alright-jack-shit generation” under the microscope; the “petri-dish for patriarchy”. “You have, and you are, a tool / That’s so fucking precious…”

Emoticon‘ – another whiplash-inducing headbanger – disturbs with distorted chaos, Tegan and Kris harmonising over obnoxious guitar riffs, frustrated with social change. Kicking over her drum kit and strapping on her guitar, Eli shreds lo-fi sludge on ‘Prawn Operation‘; screaming Spanish lyrical angst against male entitlement, before switching back to percussion for the punishing ‘Paywall’ – life as commodity: “Buy, buy, or bye bye.”

Pantomine‘ follows with equally irresistible visceral lyricism; challenging alpha male bullshit as abrasive riffs strain under the ferocity of raw instrumentation. Closing with ‘London Particular‘, the London-based trio implore you to look around: your estate regenerated and community lost… “…the fog clears and your heritage has gone. Now all the flats and all the shops ask you for money you haven’t got.”

Following their 2015 debut LP, New Sense, and in anticipation of their long-awaited sophomore record, Mutual Indecision delivers equally spontaneous scuzz, sounding as if TEDS got together in the studio, hit record on analog, and jammed unapologetically through the feedback – an imperfect punk record that is chaotically perfect.

mutual indecision e.p. by the ethical debating society

Catch The Ethical Debating Society playing live for us next month, on 19th May at Shacklewell Arms, supporting Hypsoline with Rom Coms. Tickets here!

Ken Wynne

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