NEW TRACK: O Hell – ‘it heals so quick’

Following on from their previous singles ‘pixel‘ and ‘I Watch The Women‘ – which made our Tracks Of The Year list in 2022 – Brighton-based artist and producer Lucy Sheehan aka O Hell has shared their latest offering, ‘It Heals So Quick’. Underscored by their desire to explore the duality of past and present, and the inner processes of emotional relapse and recovery, O Hell delivers their extrapolations on sexuality, ritual and sacrifice with compelling and gritty conviction.

After years spent touring and recording music in alternative bands around the UK (including Brighton trio PROJECTOR) Sheehan ventured into fresh sonic territory under their new moniker O Hell back in 2021. Influenced by a love of the eclectic sounds of PJ Harvey and Mark Lanegan, Sheehan’s music sees them explore and deconstruct themselves over brooding electronics, twitchy beats and crystalline vocals. On ‘It Heals So Quick’, they continue this dismantling, taking inspiration from Irish modernist literature as well as their own experiences.

“The song was inspired by the novel At Swim-Two Birds by Irish author Flann O’Brien,” Sheehan explains. “Aside from being completely surreal and hilarious, I love how it pushes together gritty modern life in contemporary Dublin with the strange, colourful mythology of ancient Ireland, Gleann-na-nGealt – or ‘the valley of the mad’ – I guess I was exploring my past through that structure, where the past and present are always intertwined.”

‘It Heals So Quick’ is also accompanied by a captivating video, which Sheehan directed and edited by themselves. “I was interested in the idea of human sacrifice, and how ancient cultures prepared willing victims with a combination of love and cruelty,” they explain about the context of the visuals. “Some victims were force fed hundreds of sloe berries, had their hair cut off, were dressed in their best clothes…I wanted to explore that strange duality.”

Watch the video for ‘It Heals So Quick’ below.

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Photo Credit: Bridie Florence Cummings

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