WATCH: Marlody – ‘Runaway’

Marlody is a singer-songwriter from Kent signed to Skep Wax Records. Her acclaimed debut album I’m Not Sure At All came out last month, and ‘Runaway’ is the third single off the record; a delicate and enchanting song that will leave you wanting more. 

‘Runaway’ opens with warm organ keys flowing; the soothing allure drew me in immediately. Marlody’s clear and present vocals come in next, taking centre stage and demonstrating this is a no-frills, lyric and vocal-driven song. Marlody’s voice is beautifully soulful, you can hear the feelings ejected into the lyrics, poignantly reflecting on “being on the brink of oblivion: contemplating the beauty of nothingness but stepping back just in time”. The stirring words convey a sense of regret and longing, giving the song a melancholic feel tinged with a glimmer of hope. 

Although ‘Runaway’ remains pretty stripped-back in instrumentation and production, the vocal production captures every detail which makes you feel more connected to the words, immersed in its raw emotion. Some very subtle drums enter later on and satisfying vocal overlaps and harmonies give the track another moment of satisfying interest. It’s refreshing to hear a track that isn’t overloaded with sounds and noises, and allows the vocal to take precedence. 

Accompanying the song is a music video which shows a blurred figure from behind, walking through different pastoral scenes; a stunningly atmospheric visual which perfectly conveys the overall feel of the lyrics. Watch it now:

To hear this captivating voice is person, Marlody has upcoming gigs over summer in London and Kent including a date at London’s prestigious Bush Hall on the 20th May. Grab a ticket and check out the rest of her album, I know I will.

I’m Not Sure At All, the new album from Marlody, is out now via Skep Wax Records.

Ella Patenall

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