New Track: ĠENN – ‘A Reprise (That Girl)’

A Reprise (That Girl)‘, the latest single from Anglo-Maltese quartet ĠENN, is deeply introspective; cleverly constructed to offer provocative commentary. While it has plenty of its own comments to make, it wants you to go on your own journey with the lyrics and the atmosphere generated by the music – it wants you to take the moment you spend with it and reflect on your own experiences of the world.

The track begins with a throbbing techno-infused bass line, accompanied by a repetitive, catchy drum beat that buries its way into your ear and refuses to leave. The two combine to create the sensation of a funky futuristic production line. The sound is hypnotic and dystopian and addictive; easy to picture glazed-eyed, blank-faced automatons moving to it. Of the track, ĠENN say that it’s designed to reflect “technological gratification”, and this comes through loud and clear in just the opening bars. The instinct to lurch towards technology after just a moment left alone with your own thoughts lurks there in the motions of the beat.

The vocals are delivered deadpan and low, subtle yet dangerous. They have the tension of an elastic band about to snap, of a predator preparing to leap. The lyrics are comprised of moments that create a complete picture of existence, from the perspective of someone floating through the day but not quite engaged with it. They capture feelings, the essence of an experience, more than explicitly describing a day in a life. It leaves you free to project on them whatever in your life inspires that sense of malnutrition, catharsis, futility, nature’s sedative.

The mood shifts from soft-spoken, passive apathy to revolutionary rage as the track ramps up into its climactic moments. It gives the song a sense of hope, if only people could throw off the shackles of repetitive oppression and work to rebuild the world in a more exciting way. It launches the song into its final, powerful declaration – “Death upon the mundane/Death upon the many” – creating an immense empowering anthem, oozing a fierce impassioned drive.

Mixed by Tom Hill and mastered by Katie Tavini, ‘A Reprise (That Girl)’ is out now via Liminal Collective. Catch ĠENN live at The Great Escape on 11th May at The Brunswick for Off Axis / Miro Co-labs stage.

Kirstie Summers

Photo Credit: Jordan Core

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