EP: Drahla – ‘Third Article’

Fans of Sonic Youth and all things alternative to should invest in the debut EP from Leeds three-piece Drahla. The band have released ‘Third Article’ (Produced by Hookworms’ MJ) through their own label Blank Ad; and it’s a sterling cacophony of noise-rock sounds that’ll have you trapped in a 90s alt-nostalgia spiral.

The fast-paced ‘Form Of Luxury’ opens the EP with its restless percussion and jaded vocals, and you’ll “form a line” in preparation for the track’s breakdown which boasts manic riffs and hefty bass. On second track ‘Silk Spirit’, Luciel Brown’s voice sits comfortably above the delightful drone whilst she sings of “walking in the desert” in Kim Gordon-esque style, as reverb and feedback simultaneously clash and combine to make this the stand-out track on the EP.

The penultimate ‘Circuit’ is a brief spiral of noise that leads in to aggressive closing track ‘New Living Creation’. It’s the perfect conclusion to this short but satisfying series of impressive strung-out sounds. ‘The Third Article’ is available to stream via Spotify or Apple Music, and available to purchase on vinyl via Bandcamp. We recommend you invest in Drahla now.

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Kate Crudgington

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