EP: After London – ‘After London’

If you’re looking for a slice of anthemic, alternative indie-rock, look no further than After London. The five-piece have released their eponymous debut EP, and it’s a record that proves they’re well-rehearsed, wickedly talented, and ready for bigger things.

‘Bitter Man’ kicks things off with sardonic yet sublime vocals that recollect a blur of sexist poison and disappointment. They combine with reverb-heavy guitar riffs to make this powerful opener one to remember. Following track ‘Dreams’ flickers with the energy of over-active pupils during a case of REM sleep, and fans of London-rockers Anteros will approve this indie tune.

On the penultimate ‘Highlife’, vocalist Francesca sings “you don’t like the taste of my despair” – but it’s hard to imagine anyone not savouring the sweet qualities of her voice, even if they do lament the sourness of dejection. The care and quality that has gone in to the production of this EP allows her vocals to sit clearly above swirling riffs and steady drums.

The opening lyric on final track ‘Waiting For You’ feels particularly poignant – “Silence says more than what you think, it colours things that you can’t see” – and paves the way for an anthemic four minutes that are littered with taut percussion and melodic, belting guitars.

Have a listen to After London’s EP in full on Spotify, and head down to their launch party at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 7th February to see their talent in the flesh (RSVP here).

Follow After London on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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