Track Of The Day: Abi Wade – ‘A Bit Like Love’

Orchestral soundscapes personalise Abi Wade’s new single ‘A Bit Like Love’

The ornate piano and soulful strings that characterise the track are emotional, personable, and human. On the single, Abi sings of lost relationships, her stark, sharp vocal marrying with the flurried piano notes of the chorus. The focal lyric “It doesn’t feel a bit like love to me” weaves in and out of the ethereal strings, sounding closer to a tragic arthouse film soundtrack than a pop song. It’s this, though, that makes the track stand out.

Written almost entirely on the cello, Abi’s musically rousing approach to writing songs is conveyed through her delicate yet powerful layered soundscapes. With vocals likened to Kate Bush, ‘A Bit Like Love’ is stylistically timeless.

The single is the newest release from album Beautifully Astray. The record is a unique exploration of relationships, with its finger directly on the pulse of melancholy yet brilliant music.


Beautifully Astray, the upcoming new album from Abi Wade, is out 6 April.


Erin Bashford 

Photo Credit: Kenny McCracken

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