WATCH: Ms Mohammed – ‘Pandora’

A direct challenge to anyone who dares to suppress the feminine in all its forms, musician and activist Ms Mohammed has shared a video to accompany her latest single ‘Pandora’. Taken from her critically acclaimed EP Alibi, ‘Pandora’ brims with relentless riffs and thundering percussion, which reflects the strength and endurance of all the women featured in the new visuals. Among these women are Madame So, Kat Five of Feral Five and Zel from VODUN.

“We are sold limiting ideas of what it means to be female,” Ms Mohammed explains about the context behind her single and video. “The feminine is still derided in all cultures, still frowned upon, still synonymous with weakness. Truly celebrating the feminine would bring about the revolution that is so desperately needed. The Future is Femme!”

Ms Mohammed founded the Clit Rock movement in 2013 as a way of speaking out against female genital mutilation. As a champion of cross-cultural tolerance and an out queer artist who advocates for LGBT rights and visibility, Ms Mohammed is challenging prejudice through her music and we are happy to be her allies in the fight for equality.

Watch the video for ‘Pandora’ below and follow Ms Mohammed on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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