Track Of The Day: Projector – ‘Break Your Own Heart’

Brighton trio Projector have released new single ‘Break Your Own Heart’ via Roadkill Records; and it’s a thundering, three and a half minute blur of aggressive, melodic sound.

Together, Lucy Sheehan (bass/vocals), Edward Ensbury (guitar/vocals), and Demelza Mather (drums) combine elements of grunge, shoe-gaze, and post-punk to breed their all-encompassing noise. Lucy’s sultry, scratchy vocals urge you to “Kill yourself, break your own heart” on the new release, whilst Demelza’s powerhouse drums collide with Edward’s manic riffs to sustain the aural head-rush.

After a string of sold out hometown shows and support slots with Tigercub, Demob Happy, Deap Vally and Kane Strang, Projector are due to release their debut EP later this year. The trio were awarded funding from the PRS Rebalance scheme, a project run in conjunction with Festival Republic, which promotes gender equality both on stage and in the studio. In the run up to their debut EP, they’ll begin recording again with a female producer in Leeds.

Listen to ‘Break Your Own Heart’ below, and follow Projector on Facebook for more updates.


‘Break Your Own Heart’ is available on limited edition cassette (order here) and on the usual digital platforms now.

Kate Crudgington

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