Track Of The Day: Mentrix – ‘Nature’

A commanding, cinematic, altruistic sound; Iranian singer & composer Mentrix has shared her latest single, ‘Nature’. The track is lifted from her debut album, My Enemy, My Love, which is set for release via her own (female-led) record label, House of Strength, on 3rd April.

Born in Iran but now based in Berlin, Mentrix (aka Samar Rad) blends her experiences of eastern and western culture, along with traditional Sufi instrumentation to create her beguiling, bold soundscapes. Her extensive travels and multiple influences – from Latin and French Literature, to The Qu’ran and traditional Persian poetry – give her music a diverse and fascinating edge.

‘Nature’ is accompanied by a stunning music video, directed by Gilles Estéve and set in the Iranian desert of Kavir-e-Lut. The visuals are as captivating as the sounds they’re paired with, including the beats of the hand-played daf drums – an ancient traditional frame drum native to Iran.

Mentrix explains the meanings associated with this particular instrument: “In Sufism, the daf is a calling for the soul to awaken. It makes that big sound because it’s empty, and its emptiness means two things: on the lower level someone who is empty and has nothing to offer makes a lot of noise. On a higher level, when you are truly empty of the world the entire universe can resonate within you. It’s the dark side and the bright side of the moon in one instrument.”

The duality in Mentrix’s music is what makes her art so compelling. Watch the video for ‘Nature’ below, and follow Mentrix on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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