Track Of The Day: KIN – ‘Sharing Light’

In a whirlwind of a time to be alive, London indie-pop trio KIN bring their listeners a comforting and emotionally atmospheric debut single.

With a remarkable title that brings a glimmer of hope in its meaning, ‘Sharing Light’ instrumentally serves the essence of its name through iridescent guitar tones and graceful vocals. Each element KIN bring to this single seems to dance around another, leaving each its own space to float and be gentle.

A simple setting, next to the water, paints an honest self-reflective moment as Grace’s vocals reflect relatable thoughts. Revolving machine-like drums anchor the whispiness of the dainty mix with a tasty and echoing loop that grounds its stirring feeling.

KIN offer a raw and earnest emotion to the pop template, something that the world is seeking now more than ever in a world of uncertainty. Throughout ‘Sharing Light’, KIN’s emotional burden of worry for tomorrow is continually triumphed by remaining present and serves as a lesson for us all at this time. They beautifully articulate the intricate integrity of human nature and hope throughout this captivating debut, in a way that needs to be felt just at the right time.

Produced by Nicholas Alexander and mastered by Tim Rowkins, ‘Sharing Light‘ is out now.

Jillian Goyeau

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