Track Of The Day: Gazel – ‘The Night Concierge’

Gazel closes the final chapter to her debut album Gazel’s Book of Souls with the delightfully eerie video to accompany her single, ‘The Night Concierge’.

Stepping into the lobby of a seemingly deserted hotel, we meet not only the Night Concierge in question, but also the various characters which he morphs into. This tableau of life, created by the incredible acting talent of Jared Morgan, invites us to observe the unravelling action as the characters busy themselves with their own day to day activities. Gazel herself steps through the shadows, contributing to the mystery as the unseen but omniscient narrator. 

‘The Night Concierge’ beautifully concludes the narrative of Gazel’s Book of Souls, a bold debut which masterfully blends philosophical theories with electro-beats and mystical melodies. As we rapidly rewind and fast-forward through the abandoned hotel, seemingly caught in the Twilight Zone, we can only begin to imagine what tales of wonder that Gazel will conjure up next for us. 

Nicky Lee-Delisle 

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