WATCH: PRIMO! – ‘Machine’

Melbourne-based PRIMO! tackle work hierarchy issues with wit and elbow grease on their latest single, ‘Machine’. Taken from their second album Sogni, set for release on 17th April via Upset The Rhythm, the track brims with jangly guitars, steady beats and catchy lyrics.

Formed of Suzanne Walker (drums), Violetta Del Conte-Race (guitar), Xanthe Waite (guitar) and new addition Amy Hill (bass), PRIMO!’s talent lies in taking taboo subjects and turning them in to catchy, oddly melodic tunes. They’ve achieved this on ‘Machine’, which Walker explains explains the premise of in detail: “It’s the feeling of being like a machine inside the machine, as well the fact that sometimes great ideas, thoughts & observations come to you during the working day, in unexpected ways. Rhythmically, the pacing is like that of a machine, speeding up and slowing down, at times frantically chugging, spattering vivid bursts of greasy colour, before halting to a stop and slipping the key from the ignition.”

PRIMO!’s start-stop-start style certainly keeps listeners on their toes. There’s a natural edge to their music, but their soft dual vocals provide a well-oiled delivery on ‘Machine’. Watch the accompanying video for the track below, and follow PRIMO! on Spotify and Bandcamp for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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