Track Of The Day: Temples Of Youth – ‘Suburbia’

From The Kinks to David Lynch, Arcade Fire and Hanif Kureishi – the space between the city and the country has been occupying creative minds almost since its creation, with its blend of comfort and conformity, its security and secrets, kept behind double-glazing. Now it’s the turn of Winchester-based duo Temples Of Youth to turn their gaze on ‘Suburbia’, with pretty good timing, given that we’re almost all stuck in our residences right now.  

Where previous TOY releases have hewed more towards dream pop – such as last year’s ‘Rose Tinted’, or the chillwave/synthpop of 2017’s self-titled EP -, ‘Suburbia’ has the feel of stylised, passionate rock-pop with its Cult style guitar openings, straight out of the Billy Duffy playbook, and underlying synth chords. That drive doesn’t let up, either, in the minor key vocal harmonies by members Jo and Paul, or the song’s structure, with its two lyrical verses followed by a choppy riff middle eight, that falls away and lets the track finish with synths that rise like the start of a new day. 

Lyrically, the song is deceptively simple, with most lines containing monosyllables but evoking a story rich with mystery and emotion: “Meet me in suburbia / A place to live / A place to hide… Now there’s no turning back.”

Perhaps what’s most impressive here, as with all TOY releases, is that despite the band’s DIY ethos, ‘Suburbia’ sounds the equal in its production to anything you’re likely to hear threatening the charts. With a new EP due to be recorded at some point later this year, pandemic-permitting, it seems inevitable that Temples of Youth will be heard in homes up and down the land, before too long.


John McGovern



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