Track Of The Day: Maggie Gently – ‘Every Night’

In a cathartic unravelling of her desires, San Francisco’s Maggie Grabmeier is unapologetically candid in her debut single ‘Every Night’, released under her all-new project Maggie Gently.

With a pop-punk past, Maggie embarks on her current writing with a more delicate, indie-like lens that adds a sense of intimacy and simplicity to her emotional illustrations. What is compelling about ‘Every Night’ is its genre complexity exactly. The concoction of Maggie’s strong sense of melody is reminiscent of mid-west emo/punk and provides an undeniable anthemic feel that is nostalgically comforting and perfectly familiar.

Up against a compartmentalised indie mix, Maggie places her emotional story in a bedroom-pop habitat that allows the guitar’s transparent overdrive to sit just right and allows her lyrics the space they deserve: “I wanna learn how to be alone without feeling a panic in my bones…” sets the scene for her entire upcoming EP Good Cry that was written during a complex and reflective time for Maggie.

With the raw and relatable stream of consciousness that Maggie has hosted in ‘Every Night’, she has earnestly invited her listeners into her current universe of understanding inner turmoil and its request for a breakthrough. Maggie Gently is all of us at one time or another, a vulnerable and stunning work in progress.

Watch the new video for ‘Every Night’ here:

‘Every Night’ is out now, listen on Spotify. And Maggie Gently’s debut EP Good Cry is set for release 29th May.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Amayah Harrison

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