Track Of The Day: HAWXX – ‘Deadlands’

Having previously blown us away with their immense live show, rockers HAWXX invite us along on their latest journey where fierce vocals and palpitating bass pull us in close, on their latest single ‘Deadlands’. 

Lead singer Anna Papadimitriou emits a fierce tenderness within her vocals, demanding our fullest attention as each lyric carries a commanding urgency. The vulnerability is subtly woven throughout the velvet softness of the backing vocal harmonies. However, this is all soon sliced apart by the razor sharp riffs which create a whirlwind of a chorus. 

Of the track, HAWXX explain:

“… when something has consumed you to the point where you feel that you can’t come back from it, Deadlands is where you can take that toxicity…and destroy it!


‘Deadlands’ is the first single taken HAWXX’s upcoming EP, and serves as a stark reminder as to how the band came to be worthy winners of the PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music Award. 

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Photo Credit: Kriz-p

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