Track Of The Day: PILLARS – ‘Blame’

PILLARS, the 25-year-old electronic musician, debuted her first EP, Circa last month. Describing the album, she says it is “a reflection of past mistakes, regrets and behaviours.” So, it’s fitting that she has now shared ‘Blame’.

Set against a minimalist soundscape, PILLARS’ voice punches through intimately and with clarity. The chorus rings out “I’m to blame”, an honest and vulnerable refrain of a lover apologetic for their mistakes. Church-like organs fade in and out, lending a solemn quality to her testimony, while slow and steady kicks pound like a tired heart. Pulsing synths and subdued snaps add subtle texture to the track, creating a suspenseful atmosphere, as each verse hangs in the air waiting for PILLARS to finally confess – “I’m to blame”. 


Circa by PILLARS is out now. Listen on Bandcamp or Spotify.


Aisha Kasmir

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon Photography


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