LISTEN: Fräulein – ‘Mary’

Having been obsessing over Bristol duo Fräulein‘s last single ‘Drag Behind’ for the last few weeks, I was excited to hear that they have an epic new release.

Whereas ‘Drag Behind’ was focused lyrically on feeling out of place, new track ‘Mary’ is about faith, trust and power. Oozing a raw, grunge-infused sound and gritty energy, with shades of early Nirvana, the whirring twang of its stripped back riffs and sparse beats combine to create a swirling eerie aura, building to showcase the unique visceral growl of vocalist Joni.

I cannot recommend these two strongly enough and will continue to bang on about them with every new release – I really think they have something wonderfully nostalgic, yet ultimately unique, to offer. And, as soon as it is safe to do so, I cannot wait for them to blow us away live at one of our gig nights!

Listen to ‘Mary’ here:


Mari Lane

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