Track Of The Day: Blonde Maze – ‘To The Moon’

Following recent single ‘Not All Flowers Bloom’, GIHE fave and previous guest on the radio show, New York based Blonde Maze, has now shared a poignant new offering.

Offering a ‘sequel’ to her last emotion-strewn single, ‘To The Moon’ reflects on how we can love someone or something so much, all the way “to the moon and back” – simulating that euphoric feeling of being totally enamoured through its heavenly sounds. 

The second purely instrumental piece that Blonde Maze has created, it’s another completely captivating and beautifully soothing offering from the innovative artist; an exquisite soundscape, showcasing her ability to fuse together a luscious, eclectic range of influences and create something truly breathtaking. As I’ve said before, I just could listen to Blonde Maze on a loop forever – her music is just so blissfully cathartic. 


Mari Lane

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